Best 10 Final Year Projects For Computer Science With Source Code

Students in their final year of computer science education work on graduation projects that showcase their abilities. These efforts are crucial because they enable us to employ technology to solve problems in the real world. This article will examine ten unique projects that students have created. These initiatives cover numerous topics, including software engineering, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Every project is unique and demonstrates the students’ advanced problem-solving skills. Now, let’s explore how these efforts are transforming the field of computer science!

1. Cloud-Based Attendance System

Attendance management are combined into one convenient platform with cloud-based attendance systems. To precisely measure time and attendance, the system comprises of both hardware and software. The user of the attendance system can record the availability of a student or employee for a certain day. In order to record their attendance and exit the classroom, the staff member or the student must log in and scan their identity card. After the card is scanned, the database is updated with the ID number, date, in-time, and out-of-time information. The database will be kept on the Azure cloud, creating a dedicated internet connection between the application and cloud server.

2. Secure Online Auction System

An online auction is a platform where items can be bought or sold by placing bids. Platforms for online auctions have a distinctive business strategy centered on price bidding. The highest bidder at the conclusion of the auction wins. Bidders compete by making larger bids on products. It is essential to identify fraud in this system in order to preserve an equitable atmosphere. In order to detect fraud, machine learning models are taught to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent bids through binary classification. These algorithms may identify suspicious activity and take the necessary steps to protect the integrity of the auction process by examining bid information and previous data. Both buyers and sellers gain from this as it contributes to the development of a reliable online auction platform. A flexible method for enabling lot-based online auctioning is the advanced and safe online auctioning system.

Typically, there is a starting offer price, and no buyer may place an offer lower than that. The person selling the goods needs to register as a user and provide the product’s details.

3. Automated Canteen Ordering System

Nowadays, customers at cafeterias don’t have much time to waste while they wait for a server to take their order. There isn’t much time for clients to eat because many of them visit the canteen at lunch or recess before returning to their jobs or educational institutions. Thanks to this technology, they can order food whenever they want without constantly interacting with the server, saving them time. You’ll have to deal with a lot more paperwork and manuals while using manual systems.

The goal of the automated canteen ordering system is to save both the canteen administrator’s and the customer’s time. The consumer can place their food order without having to wait in line. To place the order, the consumer must install the application on their mobile device. It is really simple to use and accessible to this program. The application presents the supply details in a format that is simple to read. The supervisor can quickly serve customers by scanning their Android device for the orders and receiving them through QR codes.

4. Weather Forecasting System with Data Mining

An application to forecast the atmosphere for a specific location is the weather forecasting system. Before now, pattern recognition was used for weather forecasting. In other words, nice weather would be expected the next day if the sunset was observed to be red. Reliability of these predictions cannot be established. The current approach makes weather predictions based on variables including wind, temperature, and humidity. GUI is used in the development of this system. The user must input the current weather conditions, including wind, humidity, and temperature.

5. Real Estate Search Based on the Data Mining

Purchasing or selling a house may be a drawn-out and challenging process. But as a student of computer science, you may streamline this procedure by creating a data-mining real estate search engine. You will need to gather information for this assignment from a variety of sources, including MLS listings, and then apply analytical techniques to spot trends and patterns. The ideal house can then be found by buyers and sellers with the use of this information. This system helps users in making wise decisions on the purchase or sale of valuable real estate. This method required a lot of searching time and travel expenses previous to the implementation of the online system. Thanks to this technology, the customer may now search for properties online based on their requirements, saving them time and effort in their travels.

6. Evaluation of Academic Performance

This system was built because traditional evaluation systems are time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate. The goals of this project were established as analyzing the characteristics of military academy students, determining the type of academic performance, comparing student groups defined by course results, examining how student performance evolves, and creating a workable curriculum and assessment system by contrasting various situations.

This project is to create a system to assess students’ academic achievement. Test results and grades, for example, would need to be entered into the system. Then, using this data, a report card would be created for every kid. Understanding machine learning techniques and statistical analysis would be necessary for this project.

7. SMS Spam Filtering

Due mainly to the availability of highly affordable bulk pre-pay SMS packages and the fact that SMS generates more excellent response rates because it is a dependable and personalized service, mobile or SMS spam is a genuine and expanding issue. Email spam filtering presents numerous challenges and solutions relevant to the relatively new task of SMS spam filtering. But it presents unique difficulties of its own. Text messaging has become one of the most widely used forms of communication with the increasing number of smartphones. But because of its fame, spammers have also turned it into a target.

You may create an artificial intelligence-based SMS spam filter for your project that recognizes and blocks spam messages. You could make a system that automatically replies to spam emails with witty or sarcastic remarks to add to the challenge.

8. Election Analysis System

Having a manual election system becomes unfortunate in the current, modern technological era where online systems increase work speed, decrease errors, and promote the development of reliable results. A democracy in which the people choose the head of state is based on a public election system. Pakistan currently conducts elections using a manual process, which leads to a number of issues. Because of this paper ballot-based election method, voters encounter certain issues prior to or during the election, while the administration faces other issues both before and after the vote. To replace the current system, an online one that handles voter registration, voting, tallying votes, and results declaration, among other things, would be an excellent idea. You will gather and examine data from political campaigns across the globe for this project.  

9. Student Attendance by using Fingerprint Reader

Especially in larger classrooms, taking attendance in class can be difficult. You can create an automated fingerprint reader system to take attendance as a student of computer science. You will need to create and put into use software for this project that can read fingerprints and compare them to a database of student fingerprints. The student’s name will instantly be added to the attendance list after the match is made. This project makes use of a biometric idea to improve the educational institution’s attendance system. It employs fingerprint reading, the most dependable method available for uniquely identifying students. This kind of program is quite helpful for tracking daily attendance in both college and school. We can systematically monitor students’ attendance with this tool. This project makes it simple to maintain class attendance while putting in less work.

10. Online Live Courier Tracking and Delivery System Project

This system aims to create a system that can monitor the real-time position of courier parcels and notify both the sender and the recipient of the delivery’s status. Because providers of courier services typically have a vast international network. A courier travels via several locations, such as warehouses, cars, planes, and ships. Even the consumer is aware of where his package is at this point. The customer can track his courier by entering his number and seeing the package’s location status through a login. Here, we provide a specific system for tracking couriers so that customers may know the position and status of their couriers. The system will track the position of courier packages using GPS technology, updating the database with the appropriate status. Users will then access this data via a mobile or online application. This final year project helps people who quickly see the live position of a courier.

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