Best 10 TypeScript Projects With Source Code

What is Type Script?

Microsoft created and maintains the open-source programming language Typescript. It is a superset of JavaScript that includes static types to improve the readability and quality of code. Static typing is added to JavaScript as a syntactic superset called TypeScript. In simple terms, this means that TypeScript gives JavaScript more syntax so that developers can add types.

Benefits of TypeScript Language

TypeScript—a superset of JavaScript—offers the following benefits over other languages like JavaScript, Java, or C#:

  • Static Typing: TypeScript introduces static typing, which enables programmers to specify types for variables. This improves code dependability and makes managing big codebases simpler by helping to identify type-related issues early in the development process.
  • Increased Productivity: TypeScript’s static typing increases developer productivity in conjunction with features like code completion, refactoring, and improved tooling support. Better IDE support and fewer runtime errors are the results.
  • JavaScript compatibility: TypeScript is completely compatible with existing JavaScript code since it is a superset of JavaScript. TypeScript can be incorporated into projects gradually by developers, facilitating a seamless transition.
  • Better Code Readability: TypeScript’s type annotations improve code readability, particularly for bigger projects. They increase code maintainability by acting as documentation and giving clarification on the required data types.

1. Expense Tracker

I decided to simplify personal finance management because it can be difficult to handle in today’s environment. Starting from a personal issue with money management, the Expense Tracker Project has proven to be an amazing project. I’ll walk you through the goals, difficulties, successes, and lessons discovered throughout this process in this blog post. For anyone who are interested in managing their money wisely, including individuals, small business owners, and students, financial control is essential. The Expense Tracker Project seeks to offer a simple way for users to keep track of their spending, organize their purchases, and learn more about their financial behavior.

Create a web application that will let users enter purchases, classify them, and monitor their spending over time. This project will explore some of the more complex TypeScript ideas, such as data retention, state management, and component reuse.

2. Task Management System

An easy-to-use web tool called the Task Management tool was created to help both people and groups in planning, monitoring, and prioritizing activities and projects. Users may create projects, assign responsibilities, establish deadlines, and track progress all from one single location. The application’s goals are to increase output, promote better teamwork, and guarantee that assignments are finished quickly and effectively. This web application allows any corporation to assign tasks to its staff members. This project consists of several smaller components, such as crystal reports, task forwarding, file uploading and downloading, altering already-existing projects, task creation, employee, user, and customer information, and so on.

3. Automated Trading Bot

A trading bot is a specific type of software used to automate financial transactions according to pre-established guidelines. A trading bot may conclude deals or execute certain trades with little to no human involvement after spotting possible opportunities.

Trading bots offer important advantages including efficiency and speed. Professional traders and specialized institutions depend on them to boost their profits. Furthermore, the status of software development nowadays enables business owners to employ a range of tactics, such as intricate algorithms that examine a multitude of indications and market dynamics.

Trading bots can be used by those with an interest in managing stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and other assets while working on different financial markets. We’ll examine automated trading in more detail and teach you how to build your own algorithmic trading bot in this article. Create an automated trading bot that executes buy and sell orders for cryptocurrency exchanges depending on pre-established trading methods and market conditions. Implementing trading algorithms, managing real-time market data streams, and integrating TypeScript with exchange APIs are the tasks involved in this project.

4. Online Library System

An automated library system called the Online Library Management System manages the different operations of the library. It offers a comprehensive solution for the software used in library management.

Every college and school has a library, and an educational institution cannot function without library administration software. It is a crucial component of any college or school and aids the librarian in maintaining inventory of both issued and available books. Software for library management systems benefits students in a variety of ways by giving them the opportunity to learn, gather resources, encourage group learning, and advance their knowledge and abilities. The goal of this project is to create an online library system that will allow users to search, browse, and manage a library of books. You will learn how to utilize TypeScript to build dependable data processing and aesthetically pleasing interfaces.

5. Blogging Platform

A common method of sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world is through blogging. It’s a fantastic method to establish relationships, create a community, and develop your personal brand. There is a lot of confusion among new bloggers who want to start their own websites since they don’t know how to set up a website or organize content on it. Additionally, there are individuals who lack knowledge about blogging, including how to write a blog and how to accomplish it. An adaptable, safe, and user-friendly blogging platform will be created by this project. Users will be able to comment on and share other people’s blogs on the platform in addition to creating and managing their own blogs. Additionally, it will offer capabilities like analytics, social media integration, and user profiles.

6. Shopping Cart

Online Shopping applications are one of the favorite applications out of all online applications. It is a very much used application in everyone’s life. So, Let’s try to create a Shopping cart using Type script which can perform basic tasks for us.

The creation of an online shopping cart system that enables suppliers to market their goods to consumers directly online is covered by this concept. Customers find it quite annoying since traditional grocery billing methods require them to wait a long period to be paid for the goods they have purchased. In order to address the previously mentioned issue, we have created an application known as Smart Shopping Cart.

7. Memory Game

One might state that the gaming industry is already among the most significant in the world given how quickly it is growing at the moment. We also wanted to see if adding COVID-19 information to memory games may make them more entertaining and raise awareness of the pandemic among others, helping them to stay healthy.

In order to improve players’ memory and attention span, this project will create an interactive memory game in which players flip cards to identify matching pairings. With order to guarantee type-safe interactions and component updates, you will learn how to manage UI state and events with TypeScript.

8. Financial Management Application

The planning, arranging, directing, and control of an organization’s financial resources is known as financial management. It includes tasks like keeping money flowing, making sure investors receive a healthy return, making the best use of available resources, and allocating the organization’s capital to safe and sound ventures.

An organization needs financial management to help decide how to raise and allocate capital, make critical financial decisions, boost profitability, raise the company’s valuation, and maintain its financial stability. Every organization’s foundation is its financial management system. Users may track spending, make budgets, and manage their finances with the help of financial management applications. The goal of this project is to develop an interface that will enable users to track their spending, see trends in their expenditure, and establish financial objectives. This project can also include elements like financial reports and investment tracking.

9. Online Marketplace System

The website that serves as an online marketplace is a platform for online classified ads, where users may interact and exchange products and services. With this system, You can track every item on the selling list. Numerous subcategories and categories exist. Users can post advertisements for the goods they wish to sell. Both user and product authentication fall under the purview of the administrator. Customers can have direct conversations with the product seller.

Online marketplaces make online buyers and sellers of goods and services possible. This system aims to develop an interface that will enable users to publish listings, create profiles, and make purchases. This final year project is exciting and unique and a good idea for a final year project. So, what are you waiting to select this project and get good grades in the final year project.

10. Social Network Platform

Nowadays, social networking has grown significantly. Everyone uses a social network platform. Some are used positively, and some use this platform incorrectly. Users can make profiles, interact with friends, and exchange material in a social media setting by using a social media platform. In this project, social features like liking and commenting will be created, along with a database to hold user data. A user authentication system will also be implemented. This project can also include features like real-time notifications, advanced user profile customization, and the ability to post images and videos.

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