Best 13 Rust Projects With Source Code

Mozilla created the contemporary computer programming language Rust . It was initially designed to eliminate the invalid memory access problem developers encountered when using C and C++ to create high-programming apps. This system programming language makes it easier to develop and write computer programs that enable the seamless fusion of software and hardware. 

Enhancing safety, speed, and concurrency—the capacity to perform numerous calculations concurrently—are the primary goals of utilizing Rust. Rust is primarily used in programming for three essential functions: memory management, safety, and performance. Because of this, Rust is used to create complex applications that require scalability, such as operating systems, browsers, and game engines.

1. CLI Utilities

As a starting Rust developer project, the first step towards learning any programming language is to use command-line utilities. Their input and output systems have been streamlined, reducing the code’s complexity. Instead of learning a particular problem area, this enables you to concentrate on the current task and learn Rust. This project is the best way to learn the Rust language.

2. Electricity Billing System

Due to various issues, electricity users frequently deal with inaccurate and delayed monthly billing. For these reasons, it is essential to establish an effective system via an electronic platform that considers proximity. The suggested technique automates the laborious and time-consuming traditional method of paying an electricity bill in person at the Electricity Board. It is also intended to automate the computation and payment of electricity bills for user convenience.

  • This project aims to computerize the billing system to help the Department of Power.
  • It is primarily concerned with calculating the number of units used within the allotted period and the amount of money the electricity offices will charge.
  • With the help of this automated method, customers will find the entire billing process simple, easy to use, comfortable, and efficient.

The following features have been incorporated into the project to make the billing system design more straightforward and service-oriented. The application performs at a high rate of accuracy and efficiency.

3. Prescription Management System

The medical industry in the modern world faces dire circumstances during this pandemic. Therefore, everyone worldwide will benefit from adopting this prescription management system to enhance their medical treatments. Clinicians encounter numerous challenges by avoiding medical treatments without a proper medical history. Because they are unaware of the patient’s medical history and current therapy, clinicians cannot make an informed choice about how best to treat the patient. Therefore, the primary goal of this project is to create and use a virtual prescription management system to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of communication between physicians, patients, and pharmacists. All industries are using advanced technologies these days. It takes particular caution when writing programs that handle medical data to prevent security issues. Therefore, Rust’s dependability for developing a prescription management system. Try encoding the proper application operation into the type system using the type state pattern to guarantee appropriate execution.

4. Spell Checker Crate

The Spell Checker project contains spell check and enhancement capabilities to the Windows-based program by utilizing the autosuggestion method. It benefits the user in typing less. The main feature of this project by pointing out any spelling mistakes and simplifying the process of repeat searches. The spell checker’s primary objective is to offer solid approach to several types of spell checking.

Problem-solving and verification procedures will be formally described in help offer a clearer comprehension of these tasks.

Both the spell checker and the corrector are standalone programs that can processing a text or a series of words, or using an integrated tool It is a component of a word processor or other larger application.

Different search and replace techniques are used to match the spell checker’s authority.

The common spell checker is a crucial piece of programming that does its duties in the background. There isn’t much to explain about this project: create a crate that accepts an input string and checks to see if it is spelled correctly.

5. Budget Manager

In order to monitor and report on the current year budget, maintain forward estimates for future budget periods, and prepare annual budget documents and any other documentation requiring budget information, agencies, Treasury, and other stakeholders can more easily exchange data thanks to the Budget Management System (BMS).

One project that can help you manage your funds and advance your Rust programming abilities is a budget manager. Acquiring knowledge about databases is a crucial ability, and because of its limited scope, this project makes an excellent introduction to databases.

6. Home Automation System

It is a fact that since the beginning of time, humans have created everything in order to live more comfortably. One of the main subjects that is contributing to this fact is the automation of tasks and objects. These days, we’re moving toward automating everything to maximize comfort thanks to technology. People can program a lot of items to operate automatically using a home automation system, automating tasks around the house or tasks. Furthermore, new functionalities that enable remote object control are now available. Since most people carry their smartphones around these days, having an interface on them to manage an automated system is a huge benefit. Build a home automation system in Rust that can control lights, appliances, and other devices in your home.

7. Expense Tracker

The Daily Expense Tracker System is a tool designed to monitor a housewife’s daily income and expenses. It works by taking the income from the wife and dividing it by the daily expenses allowed. If the daily expenses exceed the allowed amount, the money is deducted from your income and replaced with the new amount, and if the expense is less, it is added to savings. At the end of each month, the Daily Expense Tracking System will provide a report that displays the Income-Expense Curve. Make an expense tracking software for Rust that lets users log and examine their spending patterns.

8. Language Translator

Create a Rust application that uses third-party translation services to translate text between languages. Spreading new ideas, expertise, and information throughout the world requires translation. It is important to accomplish effective communication across cultural divides. Translation has the power to alter history through the spread of new knowledge. Thanks to language translators, computer programmers can create sets of instructions in certain programming languages. The language translator turns these instructions into machine code. After reading these machine code commands, the computer system puts them into action.

9. Barcode Scanner

Create a Rust barcode scanning program that can decipher and read barcodes from a camera feed or an image. In marketing and advertising initiatives, QR codes are commonly used to track product information in a supply chain. They have been crucial in slowing the virus’s spread and tracing coronavirus exposure in more recent times. In the same way, products are marked with barcodes for easy identification. They are utilized on invoices to help with accounting, in warehouses to track inventory, and in retail establishments as part of the purchasing process.

10. Recipe Recommendation System

I’m a huge foodie, and I’ve always thought that a wonderful meal had magical powers. The problem is that I frequently found myself preparing the same meals repeatedly. It was time to make a shift. Building a user-friendly online application, discovering new recipes, and learning about recommendation systems were all made possible by this project. Create a Rust recipe recommendation system that makes recommendations for recipes based on user preferences.

11. Task Automation Tool

Automation is changing the way we work and live and is finding its way into the business and knowledge sectors. Knowledge workers can increase productivity and, in certain situations, do away with the requirement for human involvement entirely by automating repetitive processes. Make a Rust utility that handles computer repetitious activities, such file renaming and data backups. Automation is getting more and more possible as technology is more widely available and reliable. Our everyday lives already involve task automation, from setting reminders and notifications to automatically paying payments.

12. Voice Assistant

One of the hottest subjects in the modern world is voice assistants, which are computer programs that listen to spoken commands from people and react accordingly, allowing for human-computer or device connection. These days, voice assistants are widely available and highly helpful in these hectic times. These days, voice assistants are almost ubiquitous. From Google’s smartphone assistant, which even 5-year-old children can use due to the global pandemic forcing people to use smartphones, to Amazon’s Alexa, which can do everything from entertain users to turning on and off household appliances (Internet of Things), voice assistants are everywhere. Create a Rust voice-activated assistant that responds to voice instructions to carry out tasks.

13. Chatbot

A chatbot is a smart software program that can converse and act in ways that are comparable to those of a human. Chatbots are widely utilized for customer service, social media marketing, and instant client chatting. Build a basic Rust chatbot that can converse, respond to queries, and offer help or information. Because they can offer real-time customer help, chatbots are an invaluable resource for a variety of sectors.

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