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Why Creators Choose YouTube: Exploring the Four Key Reasons

In today’s digital age, YouTube has become more than just a platform for watching cat videos and music clips. It’s a powerhouse for creators, offering a multitude of opportunities to showcase talent, share knowledge, and even build thriving businesses. But what exactly draws creators to YouTube? Let’s delve into the four key reasons why this platform continues to be a top choice for content creators. 1. Global Reach and Accessibility YouTube boasts an unparalleled global reach, with billions of users from every corner of the globe. Whether you’re a budding musician, a cooking enthusiast, or a tech guru, YouTube provides a platform to share your content with a vast and diverse audience. With just a few clicks, creators can reach viewers in distant countries, breaking down geographical barriers and connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. External Link: YouTube Statistics 2. Monetization Opportunities One of the most attractive aspects of YouTube for creators is its robust monetization program. Through ad revenue, sponsorships, and partnerships, creators have the potential to turn their passion into a lucrative career. With the Partner Program, creators can earn money from ads displayed on their videos, while channels with a large following can negotiate lucrative brand deals and sponsorships. For many, YouTube offers a pathway to financial independence and the opportunity to earn a living doing what they love. External Link: YouTube Partner Program 3. Creative Freedom and Flexibility Unlike traditional media platforms, YouTube offers creators unparalleled creative freedom and flexibility. Whether you’re producing comedy sketches, educational tutorials, or vlogs about your daily life, the possibilities are endless. Creators have full control over their content, allowing them to express themselves authentically and experiment with different formats and styles. This freedom fosters innovation and creativity, enabling creators to carve out their niche and build a loyal fan base. External Link: YouTube Creator Academy 4. Community Engagement and Interaction Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of being a YouTuber is the opportunity to engage with your audience directly. YouTube fosters a sense of community, where creators can interact with viewers through comments, live streams, and social media platforms. This direct feedback loop allows creators to better understand their audience’s preferences and interests, enabling them to tailor their content accordingly. Moreover, building a loyal fan base can provide emotional support and validation, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. External Link: YouTube Community Guidelines Conclusion In conclusion, creators choose YouTube for its global reach, monetization opportunities, creative freedom, and community engagement. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a beauty guru, or a gaming enthusiast, YouTube offers a platform to share your passion with the world and connect with like-minded individuals. Despite its challenges and competition, YouTube remains a beacon of opportunity for creators seeking to make their mark in the digital landscape. FAQs 1. Can anyone become a YouTuber? Yes, anyone can become a YouTuber! All you need is a Google account and a camera or smartphone to start creating and uploading videos to the platform. 2. How much money can YouTubers make? The amount of money YouTubers make varies depending on factors such as the number of views, engagement, and monetization methods used. Some YouTubers earn millions of dollars annually, while others may earn a modest income. 3. Is it too late to start a YouTube channel? It’s never too late to start a YouTube channel! With billions of users and diverse content niches, there’s always room for new voices and perspectives on the platform. 4. How can I grow my YouTube channel? Growing a YouTube channel takes time, patience, and dedication. Consistently uploading high-quality content, engaging with your audience, and promoting your videos on social media are key strategies for channel growth. 5. Are there any age restrictions for creating a YouTube channel? While YouTube does not have a minimum age requirement for creating an account, users must be at least 13 years old to access the platform. However, parental supervision is recommended for younger users.


Where Do YouTubers Get Their Music?

Creating engaging YouTube videos isn’t just about stunning visuals and captivating content. The right music can make a significant difference, setting the tone and enhancing the overall viewing experience. But where do YouTubers get their music? Let’s dive into the myriad of sources they tap into to find those perfect tracks. Enhancing the Viewer Experience Music has a powerful impact on emotions. It can make viewers feel excited, relaxed, nostalgic, or inspired. The right background score can turn a mundane video into an unforgettable experience. Building a Brand Identity Just like how businesses have jingles, YouTubers use music to build their brand. Consistent music styles help viewers associate certain sounds with specific channels. Types of Music YouTubers Use Royalty-Free Music Royalty-free music is a popular choice among YouTubers. Once purchased, this music can be used without recurring fees. It’s a cost-effective way to get high-quality tracks without legal headaches. Creative Commons Music Creative Commons music comes with specific licenses that allow YouTubers to use the music for free, often requiring only attribution. It’s an excellent option for those starting out with a limited budget. Original Compositions Some YouTubers prefer to create or commission original music. This gives them unique tracks tailored to their content, enhancing their brand identity even further. Popular Sources for YouTube Music YouTube Audio Library Free and Accessible: The YouTube Audio Library is a treasure trove of free music. It offers a wide range of genres and moods, all free to use in your videos. Epidemic Sound High-Quality and Diverse: Epidemic Sound offers a vast library of high-quality music tracks and sound effects. A subscription provides unlimited access, making it a favorite among serious content creators. Artlist Unlimited Downloads: Artlist offers a subscription service with unlimited downloads of high-quality music. It’s great for YouTubers who produce a lot of content and need fresh tracks regularly. Soundstripe Affordable and Varied: Soundstripe provides affordable music licensing options with a variety of genres and styles. Their subscription model makes it easy to access new music regularly. AudioJungle Pay-As-You-Go: AudioJungle is part of the Envato Market and offers a pay-as-you-go model. You can buy individual tracks, making it ideal for those who need specific songs occasionally. Lesser-Known Sources for YouTube Music Free Music Archive Diverse and Free: The Free Music Archive offers a wide range of music under various Creative Commons licenses. It’s a great place to find unique tracks that aren’t overused. Bensound Free and Premium Options: Bensound offers both free and premium tracks. The free tracks require attribution, while premium ones are available for a one-time fee. Incompetech Royalty-Free and Easy to Use: Incompetech, created by Kevin MacLeod, provides a wide range of royalty-free music. It’s a go-to for many YouTubers looking for free music with minimal restrictions. How to Choose the Right Music for Your Videos Consider Your Audience Think about who your viewers are. What kind of music would they enjoy? The right track should resonate with your audience’s tastes. Match the Mood The music should match the mood of your video. A high-energy track works great for action-packed content, while a mellow tune is perfect for relaxing scenes. Pay Attention to Licensing Always check the licensing requirements. Even royalty-free and Creative Commons music can have specific conditions that need to be met. Tips for Using Music Effectively Volume Control Ensure your music doesn’t overpower your voice or important sound effects. Adjust the volume so that it complements rather than competes with your content. Timing is Everything Sync the music to the pace of your video. Use crescendos to highlight exciting moments and softer music for introspective parts. Looping Tracks For longer videos, consider looping shorter tracks. This ensures consistent music throughout without having to find a long track that fits perfectly. The Future of YouTube Music AI-Generated Music AI is making strides in music creation. Platforms like Jukedeck and Amper Music allow you to create custom tracks using AI, offering a glimpse into the future of personalized music for videos. More Accessible Licensing As demand for YouTube music grows, expect to see more platforms offering easy, affordable licensing options. This will make it even simpler for creators to find and use music legally. Conclusion The world of YouTube music is vast and varied. From free libraries to premium subscriptions, YouTubers have a wealth of options to choose from. The key is to find music that not only fits your content but also enhances the viewer’s experience. By understanding the different sources and how to use music effectively, you can take your videos to the next level. AQs Where can I find free music for my YouTube videos? You can find free music in the YouTube Audio Library, Free Music Archive, Bensound, and Incompetech. These sources offer a variety of tracks under Creative Commons or royalty-free licenses. Do I need to credit the music I use? It depends on the music’s licensing. Creative Commons music often requires attribution, while some royalty-free tracks may not. Always check the specific licensing requirements. Is it worth paying for a music subscription service? If you’re a serious content creator producing frequent videos, a music subscription service like Epidemic Sound or Artlist can be worth the investment for the quality and variety of tracks. Can I use popular songs in my YouTube videos? Using popular songs without proper licensing can lead to copyright strikes. It’s best to use licensed music from sources like those mentioned in the article to avoid legal issues. How can I make sure the music fits my video? Consider your audience, match the mood of the music to your content, and use tools like volume control and timing to ensure the music complements rather than detracts from your video.


13 Rust Project With Source Code

Best 13 Rust Projects With Source Code Mozilla created the contemporary computer programming language Rust . It was initially designed to eliminate the invalid memory access problem developers encountered when using C and C++ to create high-programming apps. This system programming language makes it easier to develop and write computer programs that enable the seamless fusion of software and hardware.  Enhancing safety, speed, and concurrency—the capacity to perform numerous calculations concurrently—are the primary goals of utilizing Rust. Rust is primarily used in programming for three essential functions: memory management, safety, and performance. Because of this, Rust is used to create complex applications that require scalability, such as operating systems, browsers, and game engines. 1. CLI Utilities As a starting Rust developer project, the first step towards learning any programming language is to use command-line utilities. Their input and output systems have been streamlined, reducing the code’s complexity. Instead of learning a particular problem area, this enables you to concentrate on the current task and learn Rust. This project is the best way to learn the Rust language. Source Code 2. Electricity Billing System Due to various issues, electricity users frequently deal with inaccurate and delayed monthly billing. For these reasons, it is essential to establish an effective system via an electronic platform that considers proximity. The suggested technique automates the laborious and time-consuming traditional method of paying an electricity bill in person at the Electricity Board. It is also intended to automate the computation and payment of electricity bills for user convenience. This project aims to computerize the billing system to help the Department of Power. It is primarily concerned with calculating the number of units used within the allotted period and the amount of money the electricity offices will charge. With the help of this automated method, customers will find the entire billing process simple, easy to use, comfortable, and efficient. The following features have been incorporated into the project to make the billing system design more straightforward and service-oriented. The application performs at a high rate of accuracy and efficiency. Source Code 3. Prescription Management System The medical industry in the modern world faces dire circumstances during this pandemic. Therefore, everyone worldwide will benefit from adopting this prescription management system to enhance their medical treatments. Clinicians encounter numerous challenges by avoiding medical treatments without a proper medical history. Because they are unaware of the patient’s medical history and current therapy, clinicians cannot make an informed choice about how best to treat the patient. Therefore, the primary goal of this project is to create and use a virtual prescription management system to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of communication between physicians, patients, and pharmacists. All industries are using advanced technologies these days. It takes particular caution when writing programs that handle medical data to prevent security issues. Therefore, Rust’s dependability for developing a prescription management system. Try encoding the proper application operation into the type system using the type state pattern to guarantee appropriate execution. Source Code 4. Spell Checker Crate The Spell Checker project contains spell check and enhancement capabilities to the Windows-based program by utilizing the autosuggestion method. It benefits the user in typing less. The main feature of this project by pointing out any spelling mistakes and simplifying the process of repeat searches. The spell checker’s primary objective is to offer solid approach to several types of spell checking. Problem-solving and verification procedures will be formally described in help offer a clearer comprehension of these tasks. Both the spell checker and the corrector are standalone programs that can processing a text or a series of words, or using an integrated tool It is a component of a word processor or other larger application. Different search and replace techniques are used to match the spell checker’s authority. The common spell checker is a crucial piece of programming that does its duties in the background. There isn’t much to explain about this project: create a crate that accepts an input string and checks to see if it is spelled correctly. Source Code 5. Budget Manager In order to monitor and report on the current year budget, maintain forward estimates for future budget periods, and prepare annual budget documents and any other documentation requiring budget information, agencies, Treasury, and other stakeholders can more easily exchange data thanks to the Budget Management System (BMS). One project that can help you manage your funds and advance your Rust programming abilities is a budget manager. Acquiring knowledge about databases is a crucial ability, and because of its limited scope, this project makes an excellent introduction to databases. Source Code 6. Home Automation System It is a fact that since the beginning of time, humans have created everything in order to live more comfortably. One of the main subjects that is contributing to this fact is the automation of tasks and objects. These days, we’re moving toward automating everything to maximize comfort thanks to technology. People can program a lot of items to operate automatically using a home automation system, automating tasks around the house or tasks. Furthermore, new functionalities that enable remote object control are now available. Since most people carry their smartphones around these days, having an interface on them to manage an automated system is a huge benefit. Build a home automation system in Rust that can control lights, appliances, and other devices in your home. Source Code 7. Expense Tracker The Daily Expense Tracker System is a tool designed to monitor a housewife’s daily income and expenses. It works by taking the income from the wife and dividing it by the daily expenses allowed. If the daily expenses exceed the allowed amount, the money is deducted from your income and replaced with the new amount, and if the expense is less, it is added to savings. At the end of each month, the Daily Expense Tracking System will provide a report that displays the Income-Expense Curve. Make an expense tracking software for Rust that lets users log and examine


10 Final Year Projects For Computer Science With Source Code

Best 10 Final Year Projects For Computer Science With Source Code Students in their final year of computer science education work on graduation projects that showcase their abilities. These efforts are crucial because they enable us to employ technology to solve problems in the real world. This article will examine ten unique projects that students have created. These initiatives cover numerous topics, including software engineering, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Every project is unique and demonstrates the students’ advanced problem-solving skills. Now, let’s explore how these efforts are transforming the field of computer science! 1. Cloud-Based Attendance System Attendance management are combined into one convenient platform with cloud-based attendance systems. To precisely measure time and attendance, the system comprises of both hardware and software. The user of the attendance system can record the availability of a student or employee for a certain day. In order to record their attendance and exit the classroom, the staff member or the student must log in and scan their identity card. After the card is scanned, the database is updated with the ID number, date, in-time, and out-of-time information. The database will be kept on the Azure cloud, creating a dedicated internet connection between the application and cloud server. Source Code 2. Secure Online Auction System An online auction is a platform where items can be bought or sold by placing bids. Platforms for online auctions have a distinctive business strategy centered on price bidding. The highest bidder at the conclusion of the auction wins. Bidders compete by making larger bids on products. It is essential to identify fraud in this system in order to preserve an equitable atmosphere. In order to detect fraud, machine learning models are taught to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent bids through binary classification. These algorithms may identify suspicious activity and take the necessary steps to protect the integrity of the auction process by examining bid information and previous data. Both buyers and sellers gain from this as it contributes to the development of a reliable online auction platform. A flexible method for enabling lot-based online auctioning is the advanced and safe online auctioning system. Typically, there is a starting offer price, and no buyer may place an offer lower than that. The person selling the goods needs to register as a user and provide the product’s details. Source Code 3. Automated Canteen Ordering System Nowadays, customers at cafeterias don’t have much time to waste while they wait for a server to take their order. There isn’t much time for clients to eat because many of them visit the canteen at lunch or recess before returning to their jobs or educational institutions. Thanks to this technology, they can order food whenever they want without constantly interacting with the server, saving them time. You’ll have to deal with a lot more paperwork and manuals while using manual systems. The goal of the automated canteen ordering system is to save both the canteen administrator’s and the customer’s time. The consumer can place their food order without having to wait in line. To place the order, the consumer must install the application on their mobile device. It is really simple to use and accessible to this program. The application presents the supply details in a format that is simple to read. The supervisor can quickly serve customers by scanning their Android device for the orders and receiving them through QR codes. Source Code 4. Weather Forecasting System with Data Mining An application to forecast the atmosphere for a specific location is the weather forecasting system. Before now, pattern recognition was used for weather forecasting. In other words, nice weather would be expected the next day if the sunset was observed to be red. Reliability of these predictions cannot be established. The current approach makes weather predictions based on variables including wind, temperature, and humidity. GUI is used in the development of this system. The user must input the current weather conditions, including wind, humidity, and temperature. Source Code 5. Real Estate Search Based on the Data Mining Purchasing or selling a house may be a drawn-out and challenging process. But as a student of computer science, you may streamline this procedure by creating a data-mining real estate search engine. You will need to gather information for this assignment from a variety of sources, including MLS listings, and then apply analytical techniques to spot trends and patterns. The ideal house can then be found by buyers and sellers with the use of this information. This system helps users in making wise decisions on the purchase or sale of valuable real estate. This method required a lot of searching time and travel expenses previous to the implementation of the online system. Thanks to this technology, the customer may now search for properties online based on their requirements, saving them time and effort in their travels. Source Code 6. Evaluation of Academic Performance This system was built because traditional evaluation systems are time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate. The goals of this project were established as analyzing the characteristics of military academy students, determining the type of academic performance, comparing student groups defined by course results, examining how student performance evolves, and creating a workable curriculum and assessment system by contrasting various situations. This project is to create a system to assess students’ academic achievement. Test results and grades, for example, would need to be entered into the system. Then, using this data, a report card would be created for every kid. Understanding machine learning techniques and statistical analysis would be necessary for this project. Source Code 7. SMS Spam Filtering Due mainly to the availability of highly affordable bulk pre-pay SMS packages and the fact that SMS generates more excellent response rates because it is a dependable and personalized service, mobile or SMS spam is a genuine and expanding issue. Email spam filtering presents numerous challenges and solutions relevant to the relatively new task of SMS spam filtering. But it presents unique difficulties of its own.


10 TypeScript Projects With Source Code

Best 10 TypeScript Projects With Source Code What is Type Script? Microsoft created and maintains the open-source programming language Typescript. It is a superset of JavaScript that includes static types to improve the readability and quality of code. Static typing is added to JavaScript as a syntactic superset called TypeScript. In simple terms, this means that TypeScript gives JavaScript more syntax so that developers can add types. Benefits of TypeScript Language TypeScript—a superset of JavaScript—offers the following benefits over other languages like JavaScript, Java, or C#: Static Typing: TypeScript introduces static typing, which enables programmers to specify types for variables. This improves code dependability and makes managing big codebases simpler by helping to identify type-related issues early in the development process. Increased Productivity: TypeScript’s static typing increases developer productivity in conjunction with features like code completion, refactoring, and improved tooling support. Better IDE support and fewer runtime errors are the results. JavaScript compatibility: TypeScript is completely compatible with existing JavaScript code since it is a superset of JavaScript. TypeScript can be incorporated into projects gradually by developers, facilitating a seamless transition. Better Code Readability: TypeScript’s type annotations improve code readability, particularly for bigger projects. They increase code maintainability by acting as documentation and giving clarification on the required data types. 1. Expense Tracker I decided to simplify personal finance management because it can be difficult to handle in today’s environment. Starting from a personal issue with money management, the Expense Tracker Project has proven to be an amazing project. I’ll walk you through the goals, difficulties, successes, and lessons discovered throughout this process in this blog post. For anyone who are interested in managing their money wisely, including individuals, small business owners, and students, financial control is essential. The Expense Tracker Project seeks to offer a simple way for users to keep track of their spending, organize their purchases, and learn more about their financial behavior. Create a web application that will let users enter purchases, classify them, and monitor their spending over time. This project will explore some of the more complex TypeScript ideas, such as data retention, state management, and component reuse. Source Code 2. Task Management System An easy-to-use web tool called the Task Management tool was created to help both people and groups in planning, monitoring, and prioritizing activities and projects. Users may create projects, assign responsibilities, establish deadlines, and track progress all from one single location. The application’s goals are to increase output, promote better teamwork, and guarantee that assignments are finished quickly and effectively. This web application allows any corporation to assign tasks to its staff members. This project consists of several smaller components, such as crystal reports, task forwarding, file uploading and downloading, altering already-existing projects, task creation, employee, user, and customer information, and so on. Source Code 3. Automated Trading Bot A trading bot is a specific type of software used to automate financial transactions according to pre-established guidelines. A trading bot may conclude deals or execute certain trades with little to no human involvement after spotting possible opportunities. Trading bots offer important advantages including efficiency and speed. Professional traders and specialized institutions depend on them to boost their profits. Furthermore, the status of software development nowadays enables business owners to employ a range of tactics, such as intricate algorithms that examine a multitude of indications and market dynamics. Trading bots can be used by those with an interest in managing stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and other assets while working on different financial markets. We’ll examine automated trading in more detail and teach you how to build your own algorithmic trading bot in this article. Create an automated trading bot that executes buy and sell orders for cryptocurrency exchanges depending on pre-established trading methods and market conditions. Implementing trading algorithms, managing real-time market data streams, and integrating TypeScript with exchange APIs are the tasks involved in this project. Source Code 4. Online Library System An automated library system called the Online Library Management System manages the different operations of the library. It offers a comprehensive solution for the software used in library management. Every college and school has a library, and an educational institution cannot function without library administration software. It is a crucial component of any college or school and aids the librarian in maintaining inventory of both issued and available books. Software for library management systems benefits students in a variety of ways by giving them the opportunity to learn, gather resources, encourage group learning, and advance their knowledge and abilities. The goal of this project is to create an online library system that will allow users to search, browse, and manage a library of books. You will learn how to utilize TypeScript to build dependable data processing and aesthetically pleasing interfaces. Source Code 5. Blogging Platform A common method of sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world is through blogging. It’s a fantastic method to establish relationships, create a community, and develop your personal brand. There is a lot of confusion among new bloggers who want to start their own websites since they don’t know how to set up a website or organize content on it. Additionally, there are individuals who lack knowledge about blogging, including how to write a blog and how to accomplish it. An adaptable, safe, and user-friendly blogging platform will be created by this project. Users will be able to comment on and share other people’s blogs on the platform in addition to creating and managing their own blogs. Additionally, it will offer capabilities like analytics, social media integration, and user profiles. Source Code 6. Shopping Cart Online Shopping applications are one of the favorite applications out of all online applications. It is a very much used application in everyone’s life. So, Let’s try to create a Shopping cart using Type script which can perform basic tasks for us. The creation of an online shopping cart system that enables suppliers to market their goods to consumers directly online is covered by this concept. Customers


10 Final Year Project on Web Development For University Students

Best 10 final year project on web development for university student Everyone knows practising is the best way to learn Web Development (or any other technical skill)!   But most people—especially beginners—make the mistake of putting too much effort into studying the concepts and putting off beginning a project for too long. To become proficient in web building, you must communicate your ideas. You can even enrol in a free front-end web development school to achieve this.   Today, in this article, we’ll discuss a few web development projects you can work on to improve your development abilities and help with your final year project.  1. Blood Donation System Donating blood is important to global health care. When a patient has an organ transplant and faces an accident and has cancer so, the patient needs blood. But sometimes, they could not find the blood donor. Also, the Manual blood donation method has a number of drawbacks, such as being very time-consuming, frequently producing results that are prone to error, requiring a large amount of labour, lacking donor information, taking a long time to get data, and having a low accuracy %. Finding the correct donor becomes challenging during an emergency. Rare blood types are sometimes unavailable at blood banks, and recipients often have trouble locating the right blood donor. So, this final year project to solve this problem, a blood donation system must be created. There are many blood donation systems, but this system maintains all the donor details and also maintains the blood bank data. So the user can easily find the donor in an emergency. Source Code 2. Online Charity Management System A person who has more money than they need can do an act of charity by contributing a portion of their extra income to meet the needs of people who are less capable. Basically, charity is act of kindness. An online charity management system makes it easier for nonprofits and charity organizations to accept and handle internet gifts. It gives contributors an easy-to-use and safe platform to support the causes of their choice. Organizations can use the system to automate receipt creation, improve donor communications, and track and analyze donation data. This project will make it easier for management to find donors. All things considered, this project will create an effective administration system for charities to handle donations and resources. Source Code 3. Examination Result Analysis System Nowadays, you all know that the world has advanced in technology, so a wide range of daily tasks can be completed with ease and with less time and effort with the help of technology. This modern world has realized the value of education, which has caused a revolution in the field of education. Today’s universities and many institutions have a load of work that needs to be done in a certain amount of time. In the current situation, universities must manually examine student results, which requires a significant amount of faculty time and effort. So, for this, an examination result analysis system must be built. This system helps faculty to make these jobs simpler. This final year project technology-driven system that is operated by students and meant to record student data. These days, manual result analysis takes a lot of time and effort, and the required accuracy is also not acquired. Data updating is also quite challenging because every piece of data needs to be edited. Source Code 4. Online Examination System Each area of education has seen an increase in online and computerized systems. Todays, information technology is an important part to education. Specially, after COVID the education system has seen significant changes as a result of computers and the internet. Information technology makes it possible for higher education institutions to give instruction easily, wherever they are, at any time, and to save time and money. The goal of this project is to create an online examination system for professors and students taking an introductory management course. The system’s goal is to fully automate the outdated manual exam-taking process and replace it with a digital one. Source Code 5. Link Shortener Link Shortener is a web application that, as its name suggests, shortens lengthy URLs to make them easier to manage. You will be sent to the original URL when you click on the shortened URL. While seeing the list of all the shortened URLs, users will also be able to see the total number of clicks along with the date and time of the last click for each shortened URL. This is one of the most well-liked source-code web development projects where you may demonstrate your technical abilities in front-end programming using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and back-end development with Express and NodeJS. Additionally, MongoDB will be used, so you’ll get proficient with managing massive amounts of data. Source Code 6. Online Crime Management System An online crime management system is a tool that assists the jailor in keeping track of the specifics of crimes occurring inside the city and monitoring the criminals’ records and past offences, which can be viewed through the system with only one click. In an emergency, it displays the prisoner’s personal information and details, including who to contact. If a criminal runs away, the system may help track him down by providing relevant information and historical records, enabling the authorities to look for him and even check where he lives at a relative’s. This final year project is very interesting.   Source Code 7. Customer Relationship Manager Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is now essential to project success in the fast-paced world of project management. Integrating CRM into project management procedures becomes vital for firms aiming to exceed customer expectations. So, we built this system to help organizations meet customer expectations. Managers utilize Customer Relationship Manager’s web application to store, retrieve, and update customer data. The complete platform, including the back end, will be designed by you so that users can create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) client data. The main aim of this

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