Top 10 Next Js Project Ideas

Next Js Project Ideas

Next.js is a react framework that makes it easy for developers to develop web apps that load quickly and can be expanded. Developers are keen on it because it can handle server-side rendering and easy-to-use development methods and is mostly used for production-ready code.
So, we’ll split the ten interesting next.js project ideas into three groups: beginner, intermediate, and expert.

Beginners Level Next.Js Project Ideas

1. To-Do List in Next JS

You can build a basic To-do list application with features like adding, editing, and deleting tasks. Introduce state management using React hooks and explore Next.js API routes for backend functionality. Also, add styling to make its UI beautiful and attractive.

To-Do List Webpage

2. Personal Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is a digital resume to showcase your projects and skills. You can create a personal portfolio website using Next Js to showcase your skills. This next JS project includes basic routing and styling with CSS. Include sections like About Me, My Mission, My Skills, Contacts, My Projects, etc. This website will give you hands-on experience with Next.js basics, file-based routing, and component creation.

Personal Portfolio Website

3. Blog Website

Using Next.js, build a basic blogging platform that allows users to add, edit, and remove blog entries. Use dynamic routing to show each blog post separately. To manage blog data, use a data storage option, either a basic API or a local JSON file. You will get an improved understanding of data fetching, state management, and dynamic routing in a Next.js application by working on this project.

Blog Website

Intermediate Level Next.Js Project Ideas

4. E-commerce Website

Using Next.js, make an e-commerce website that operates perfectly. Include things like a list of products, information about each one, a shopping cart, and an option to check out. Connect to a backend server to handle user authentication and products data management. You will have to work hard on this intermediate-level assignment, which involves managing states, rendering on the server, and connecting to external APIs.

E-commerce Website

5. Weather website with API Integration

We’ll show you how to build a weather app that works with APIs in this intermediate-level project. Using what you know about asynchronous processes and data fetching in weather apps is great. In this project, we’ll use Next.js to make a flexible weather app that changes over time. We’ll add a weather API that gets info in real-time so users can easily see what the weather is like now and what the forecast predicts.

Weather website with API Integration

6. Music Player Website

Using Next.js, create a music player application that allows users browse and play songs. Provide features such as a playlist manager, player interface, and track progress meter. Use client-side rendering to ensure a smooth listening experience. This project will help you gain a greater understanding of how to handle media-related elements in a Next.js application and manage audio playback.

Music Player Website

Expert Level Next.Js Project Ideas

7. Social Media Dashboard

Ready for a project that integrates various complex features? Build a social media dashboard using Next.js. Implement real-time updates, notifications, and user interactions. Enhance your skills in handling complex state management and server-side rendering.

Social Media Dashboard

8. Real-time Chat Website

Take on a real-time chat app as a challenge now. Enable instant messaging between users by implementing WebSocket communication. Your proficiency with managing real-time data and performance optimization will be tested by this project.

Real-time Chat Website

9. Content Management System

We will use Next.js to build a solid content management system (CMS). Building a CMS will test your state management, authentication, and server-side rendering skills as an expert-level project. A content management system is a complex web system that allows users to produce, manage, and organize digital information. In this project, we’ll use Next.js to build a modular and extensible content management system (CMS) with innovative capabilities that guarantee a smooth content generation and administration process.

Content Management System

10. Machine Learning Dashboard

In this project I will show you how to use Next.js to make an advanced Machine Learning Dashboard. This project will test how well you can connect APIs, visualise data, and add advanced features to create a screen for machine learning models that shows everything they need to see. A machine learning platform is where all your machine learning models can be managed and looked over. We will use Next.js to make a responsive panel with many functions for this project. The dashboard will show statistics in real-time, show how well the model is doing, and have interactive tools for managing the model.

Machine Learning Dashboard

Absolutely! Next.js is a welcoming atmosphere for beginners to begin their journey into web development. The projects listed in the beginner area are designed to help you learn the fundamentals while developing practical applications.

Of course! Next.js is a framework that can be used for any size project. As you work on more complex projects, you’ll see that it’s scalable and efficient, which makes it a great choice for creating strong, enterprise-level apps.

The documentation for Next.js is a great place for newbies to start. As you get better, you might want to check out online classes, tutorials, and community forums to stay up to date on the newest ideas and best ways to do things.

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