Top 13 IOT projects with source code

IOT projects with source code

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our lives with rapid technological advancements. It goes beyond just connecting devices; it transforms our daily lives. If you want to explore IoT, we have 13 project ideas with source code to help you learn and be creative. Get ready to code and join this exciting journey!

1. Wrong Posture Muscle Strain Detector

A person’s posture is how they position their body to prevent excessive use their muscles when they move. Bad posture can lead to a number of health issues. Pains in the muscles might be caused by severe exhaustion, fractured bones, or any other type of damage. Two signs of bad posture that might occur and interfere with our daily activities are fatigue and back pain. The necessity for a device is growing since most individuals have back pain, injuries, neck pain, shoulder issues, etc., these days. Say goodbye to sitting over with an IoT-based wrong posture muscle strain detector. Integrate sensors that monitor body posture and provide real-time feedback to prevent muscle strain. This project is not only innovative but also promotes a healthier lifestyle.

2. Safety Monitoring System for Manual Wheelchairs

Create a safety system for manual wheelchairs using sensors to detect obstacles and monitor speed. This project shows how IoT can improve people’s lives with diverse needs. Manual wheelchair users often encounter safety concerns, including accidents, falls, or difficulties navigating specific terrains. Traditional monitoring systems cannot provide timely assistance or alert caregivers in emergencies. The Safety Monitoring System aims to address these challenges by utilizing IoT technology to create a proactive and responsive solution for ensuring the safety of wheelchair users.

3. Remote Plant Monitor – IoT Home Automation

Nowadays, it’s fashionable to decorate homes with lovely plants, and more and more people are buying indoor plants every day. Even though everyone has a hectic schedule these days, many people find that having indoor plants at home is a passion. We also know that having indoor plants at home is healthy, but taking care of the plants requires a lot of effort. Because indoor plants are difficult to care for and can die for unexpected reasons, growing them may often be quite challenging for people. So, It is a bright and innovative system designed to enhance plant care by integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology into home gardening. The main purpose of this system is to address the challenges of monitoring and maintaining indoor plants, providing users with real-time insights and automated solutions for optimal plant health.

4. Tank Water Monitoring System

A reliable source of water is essential to farm and agricultural productivity as well as our standard of living. In agriculture, keeping an eye on the water level in a source of water, like a borewell or water tank, is crucial. For instance, dry running of the pump motor may result in damage if the water level in a borewell falls below the level required for pumping. In this situation, keeping an eye on the water level and adjusting the water pump as needed become important responsibilities. Water level monitoring is a crucial responsibility in many other scenarios. It can be applied to research how much water a source uses or to preserve water. In response to worries about a lack of water, develop an IoT-based tank water monitoring system. Integrate sensors to track water levels and quality in tanks, providing valuable data for efficient water management. The Tank Water Monitoring System provides a modern alternative to traditional water level checks in tanks. This automated system provides real-time monitoring, which is more efficient and less prone to errors.

5. Crypto Alert System Using Bolt IoT

Cryptocurrency markets operate 24/7, and sudden price fluctuations or significant events can significantly impact investment decisions. It becomes challenging for crypto enthusiasts and investors to stay updated on market changes continuously. The Crypto Alert System addresses this challenge by delivering timely alerts, ensuring that users are informed about critical market movements and can make informed decisions promptly. The system achieves real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities by integrating Bolt IoT, enhancing the overall user experience. This final year project idea is unique. If you select this definitely, you will definitely get good grades in the final year.

6. Mining Worker Safety Helmet- IoT-Based Project

Mining is one of the riskiest occupations. In many countries, underground miners are not guaranteed social or safety, and in the event of an injury, they may be responsible for caring for themselves. Two of the negative societal outcomes include livelihood destruction and displacement. Among all industries combined, the mining sector has the highest rate of fatal workplace accidents. The Mining Worker Safety Helmet project showcases how IoT can be used to improve safety in mining. The project improves safety for mining workers by using innovative technology and real-time monitoring, reducing accidents and improving worker well-being. Mining operations involve inherent risks, with worker safety being a top priority. Accidents, such as falling objects or collisions, pose severe threats to the well-being of mining personnel.

7. IoT- Based Smoke Detector system

Safeguard homes and businesses with an IoT-based smoke detector system. Create an intelligent system that detects smoke and triggers alarms or alerts. This project exemplifies how IoT can play a crucial role in emergencies, adding an extra layer of protection. Traditional smoke detectors only use sound alarms to alert people of possible fire risks. These alarms might not work well if people can’t hear them or are unable to move. The IoT-based smoke Detection system was developed to be a more robust and reliable smoke detection system. It can provide timely alerts and minimize false alarms.

8. IoT-Based Crop Monitoring System

Since agriculture is such an important field, every technical improvement should be done in this domain. The demand for agriculture has grown significantly due to global population growth, and sadly, farmers are unable to meet this endless demand. Revolutionize agriculture with an IoT-based crop monitoring system. Integrate sensors to monitor soil health, humidity levels, and weather conditions. The suggested approach accomplishes this by keeping an eye on environmental elements that impact crop growth, such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc., and assisting farmers in selecting the idle crop that will work best for them based on the information gathered and environmental conditions. This project empowers farmers with valuable insights for efficient crop management, contributing to the advancement of agricultural practices.

9. Library Resource Tracking

A well-stocked library is a basic necessity for any college campus since it is a comprehensive storage of knowledge, including textbooks, magazines, articles, research papers, and other important publications in both print and digital formats. Automation has been the most significant development in educational institutions’ library infrastructure designs in recent years. This advancement makes it possible for every task associated with the operation of the library to be fully automated for a variety of reasons, including time savings and a reduction in the costs associated with manually operating a library. Improve library management with an IoT-based resource tracking system. Automation in libraries makes it simple for librarians to catalogue books and keep accurate records. Implement RFID tags to track books, automate check-ins and check-outs, and streamline library operations. This project is a nod to the efficiency that IoT can bring to traditional systems, making library management more accessible and organized.

10. IOT Flood Monitoring & Alerting System

Floods are among the most common and well-known natural disasters, as is common knowledge. When water levels in dams, river beds, etc., suddenly rise, a great deal of damage occurs in the surrounding areas. It also drastically reduces the ecosystem and other living things. Therefore, in these situations, receiving emergency notifications regarding the water level situation in various river bed conditions is crucial. Use an Internet of Things-based flood monitoring and alarm system to reduce the effects of floods. Utilize sensors to detect water levels and send real-time alerts to residents in flood-prone areas. This project combines technology with a social cause, showcasing the humanitarian side of IoT by providing timely warnings and aiding in disaster preparedness.

11. Pet Care IoT Solution

With confidence, people’s desire to own pets is rising these days. Naturally, the majority of people were forced to stay at home throughout the quarantine period, which was the main cause of this. Many people have chosen to grow their families in order to avoid feeling lonely and to enjoy life more. We love cats, and they definitely make our lives happier. For this reason, we are prepared to shell out large amounts of money for the health or comfort of animals. For pet lovers, an IoT-based pet care solution is an exciting project. Create a system that issues food, monitors your pet’s activity, and even offers remote interaction. It’s a great mix of coding and creativity to take care of your pets when you’re away.

12. Anti-Theft System

For those living in cities, safety and security have always been important. The graph of crimes is rising along with the fast urbanization and development of large cities and towns. The Anti-Theft System is a security solution designed to safeguard valuable belongings and prevent unauthorized access or theft. Today, it’s very important to have strong security measures to protect personal and useful items from theft or intrusion. This project introduces an innovative system that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve security and calm users.

13. Iot- Based Student Attendance Tracking

The environments where students’ activity and attendance are tracked include schools and colleges. The administrators keep tabs on their students and inform their parents about their attendance. A smart system has been developed to educate parents about their child’s activities and attendance. This technology ensures students are safe and lets you know where they are—in the classroom or the canteen. For every staff member, tracking students’ presence is quite challenging. This system improves the day-to-day management of students’ activities within the institutions. The staff will find this approach useful in alerting students and recording attendance. The student will benefit from this in terms of keeping up their attendance. Simplify attendance tracking in educational institutions with an IoT-based system. Utilize RFID or biometric sensors to automate attendance and provide real-time data to educators. This project showcases the practical applications of IoT in the education sector, simplifying administrative tasks.

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