Best 13 IOT project ideas for final year students

13 IOT project ideas for final year students

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is an exciting field that has become very popular recently. It involves providing commonplace gadgets and internet access to upgrade their intelligence and productivity. Working on IoT projects can be an excellent opportunity for final-year students to apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt in their studies and obtain practical experience. This article explores the best 13 IoT project ideas for final-year students to consider.

1. Smart Grocery Monitoring System

Our daily lives revolve around the kitchen. With daily schedules becoming more hectic, automation of the kitchen and groceries is essential. Keeping an eye on the groceries by hand takes a lot of time and effort. The smart grocery management system makes use of the Internet of Things to monitor the grocery levels in the kitchen through smart sensors. This technology assists consumers by automatically tracking their food purchases and placing new orders as needed. A smart system for managing groceries helps the user keep accurate track of the household groceries and place independent reorders when required. This Smart sensors are used in the system’s development to monitor the quantity of the grocery items at regular intervals and transmit a signal and quantity data to the server. The information is compared to a threshold number, and if the amount of data received is less, the user receives a notification and can click to rearrange the item.

Smart grocery shopping system

2. Smart Home Door Lock System

Security in the workplace or business setting is a serious risk that everyone must deal with, whether at home or on the road. In this busy, competitive environment, when people can’t find a way to secure their secret belongings physically, security systems are one of the biggest concerns. Rather, they look for a different approach that offers simpler and more dependable security. In the modern era, everything is interconnected via networks, enabling anybody to access information from anywhere in the globe. So, Build a Smart Home Door Lock System is a project designed to improve home security and convenience. The Smart Home Door Lock System uses IoT devices, such as smart locks and connected sensors, to enable remote monitoring and control of door access. The system allows homeowners to manage door security efficiently, even when away from home.

Smart home door lock system

3. Smart Office Security System

Security is very important in any office environment. A secure workplace is essential to the efficient running of everyday activities, whether it is for safeguarding sensitive information, guaranteeing the security of workers and guests, or stopping illegal entry. You know that the highly technologically grown world of today may make traditional security measures insufficient on their own. So, the Smart Office Security System final year project is a new approach to secure office assets. The Smart Office Security System employs IOT technology by connecting various security devices to a central hub, enabling effective communication and data sharing.

4. Smart Home Temperature Control System

The Smart Home Temperature Control System is an innovative project that uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of residential space. The main purpose of this system is to create temperature-controlled home automation. Your AC home appliances, such as the fan, heater, cooler, and lightbulbs, will be under the direction of the system architecture. Let’s say you are hot and bothered while seated in a room. You now want your fan or cooler to turn “ON” automatically and turn “OFF” when the temperature returns to normal in the room. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve been looking for a project like that. This project will help you in setting up automatic temperature control for your home appliances.

Smart home temperature control system

5. IoT-Based Weather Monitoring System

We provide an intelligent online weather reporting system. We have implemented a system that enables online reporting of weather parameters. It eliminates the need for weather prediction agencies by allowing anyone to monitor the weather conditions immediately online. With the help of IOT devices, the system monitors the weather and provides real-time information to the user. This system used humidity sensors. Humidity sensors help continuously check for rain and temperature. In this system, if a sensor detects a sudden change in temperature or a significant shift in wind direction, the system can provide immediate updates and alerts.

IoT-based weather monitoring system

6. Health Monitoring System Using IoT

In today’s technologically advanced century, humans have become machines that work around the clock every day to get two meals in a day. He lost focus on the most crucial aspect of this race: his health. Since there were initially so many systems created, we learned about several flaws and characteristics of earlier work by carefully reviewing these systems. These systems utilize the newest, most popular technology, known as IoT. As a result, one of the most significant uses of IoT is the health monitoring system. Today, people normally face many health issues daily, such as high blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG. So, with the help of IOT technology, devices use blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG sensors with various microcontrollers in these systems to obtain readings from the sensing elements and receive them by the notification sensor. This system also recommends the doctor and, in an emergency, also tells what the patient is doing right now.

7. IoT-Based Temperature And Humidity Monitoring System

In the environment, temperature and humidity are important parameters. The coronavirus spreads quickly in cold temperatures and high humidity during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of people are aware of the environment in which they live. This final year IOT-based project helps to monitor the temperature and humidity in the atmosphere. The proposed system is an innovative approach for tracking and reporting in real time the temperature and humidity at different locations. The cloud server stores the real-time data from the sensors, and emails are sent to the specified users, enabling them to access the data remotely via the internet. The IoT-Based Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System is an exciting and unique IOT project idea to get good marks in the final year project. So, what are you thinking? Select this project and get good grades on the project.

IoT-based temperature and humidity monitoring system

8. IoT-Based Gas Leakage Detection And Control System

In the modern world, safety is very important, and specific solutions must be set in place in areas where someone works and resides. Certain safety precautions must be followed when working or living in dangerous environments, whether it be with electricity, gas, or oil. They have, nevertheless, also increased the risk to and threat to human life. Businesses that deal with gas must take specific procedures to guarantee that work is done in the most secure way possible because safety is their top priority. And there is no surprise that IOT technology has become a more popular technology in the 21st century. So, this advanced final year project used IOT technology to improve safety and prevent potential. With the help of IOT devices, systems monitor, detect, and control gas leaks in various environments, such as homes, industrial facilities, and commercial spaces.

IoT-based gas leakage detection and control system

9. Smart Plantation System

A lot of us have a small plantation, piece of farmland, or garden. Unfortunately, we are unable to maintain it well due to our hectic schedule. But we can accomplish it if we use technology. Thus, we are going to build a smart plantation system with the Internet. In this system, we used the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to modernise agriculture and improve plantation management. Because the main issue that farmers deal with is the poor distribution of water in the fields. Poor soil quality prevents crops from receiving the necessary nutrients, which leads to improper crop growth. So, IoT devices such as sensors, actuators, and controllers can be used to create a comprehensive intelligent agriculture ecosystem. The Smart Plantation System employs IoT technology by deploying sensors to collect data on soil moisture levels, temperature, humidity, and other relevant environmental factors.

Smart Plantation System

10. IoT-Based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for Hospitals

Indoor air quality generally refers to the atmosphere within buildings and public spaces that can have an impact on an individual’s respiratory and mental health. After the COVID-19 pandemic, public buildings, including malls, hospitals, banks, restaurants, schools, and so on, did not prioritize indoor air quality monitoring. However, the quick spread of this virus and its ensuing negative effects have drawn attention to indoor air quality. The IOT-based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for Hospitals project aims to ensure a healthy and safe environment within medical facilities. The system is designed to continuously monitor and analyze indoor air quality parameters, contributing to the overall well-being of patients and healthcare professionals. Building this project will be very helpful in improving your coding skills in IoT technology. It is also an exciting IOT project idea for final-year students.

11. Smart Garbage Bin System for Recycling Incentives

Recycling household waste is a big challenge to society. Cities all across the world have been investigating recycling as a means of reducing trash. One of the more promising ways to increase citizens’ involvement in waste recycling initiatives is the incentive mechanism. This innovative project, the smart garbage bin system for recycling, also helps to make waste disposal more sustainable by incorporating intelligent features into garbage bins. In this system, sensors embedded in garbage bins measure the amount of waste deposited and classify it based on recyclability. Users can interact with the system through a mobile app or RFID cards.

Smart Garbage Bin System for Recycling Incentives

12. IoT-Based Attendance System

For an organization to operate effectively, regardless of whether it is a business or educational institution, accurate records of employee or student attendance must be kept. The fundamental motivation behind this project is the creation of an effective attendance management system that will enable students to accurately and conveniently keep track of their attendance records. These days, attendance is recorded on paper, and records are maintained by someone who keeps track of everything and performs all the computations at the end of the month. As a result, it takes time, and students must wait until the end of the month to find out their attendance. Since this approach will eliminate the headaches related to the roll call and save students valuable time, it will increase the accuracy of attendance records. Develop a system that automates attendance using IoT devices such as facial recognition or RFID, improving accuracy and efficiency. This project idea is best for the final year and gets good marks from the supervisor.

IoT-based Attendance System

13. IoT-Based Disaster Management System

Disasters frequently occur close to areas where people live. Most of the time, it is either man-made (such as industrial explosions, oil pipeline leaks, gas production leaks, and terrorist acts) or natural (such as landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, forest fires, and lightning). Whatever the reason behind the event, disasters wreak enormous damage to the economy and human life. Any disaster management system must prioritize timely reporting and response to protect human life. The disaster management system idea that makes use of the Internet of Things may sense changes in its surroundings and upload data to a cloud server like objects speaking. This system comprises several Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, including cameras, sensors, and weather monitoring equipment placed in high-risk areas for disasters. These gadgets gather information about the state of the essential infrastructure, possible threats, and the surrounding environment in real time.

IoT-based Disaster Management System
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