10 Advance Final Year Project Ideas with Source Code

Final year project ideas

The idea is the most critical thing when you are going to make a project. Selecting an idea for final year project is not an easy task. You need to review many aspects such as project feasibility and future potential.You need a unique and advanced final-year project idea to get approval from the supervisor. In this article I will provide you 10 advanced final year projects with source code.


1. PC controller and Monitor App

Sometimes, we need a PC to complete our tasks or get some data. Let’s assume we are away from our PC and want to send the file to someone. A PC controller and monitoring app can help you access your PC remotely. You may view your PC’s files, applications, settings, and performance data and change the fan speed, RGB lighting, and audio settings.

Another use case of this app is that you have remote employees and want to monitor them. With this app, you can monitor your employees and improve efficiency. To do this final year project, you first need to get approval from the supervisor. 

2. SEO Analyzer and Keyword Research Tool

The trend of digital marketing and SEO is increasing day by day. You can develop an SEO Analyzer and Keyword Research Tool like Moz, Ubbersuggest, or Semrush. This project will be beneficial in your final year and also help you earn money. You can launch a paid subscription if you get better accuracy and set up your SEO platform. To do this, you need to do deep research on Google’s algorithm and the factors on which SEO depends. You can create this in Python and Django. The primary technique that will be used in this tool is web scraping.

3. Automatic attendance system by face recognition

Attendance is necessary for students and employees to manage workflow and effectiveness. First, there was a traditional system of marking attendance in a notebook, followed by a biometric system for attendance. However, technology is advancing, so you can now develop an automatic face attendance system. This system will mark attendance by analyzing your face. You can embed this system with a camera in an office where the camera can automatically capture the face and mark attendance. To develop this, you need some IOT and AI. You should know Python to develop this system.

4. Smart Farming System using Machine Learning

Agriculture is the backbone of a country. However, traditional farming methods are insufficient to meet the country’s needs. To overcome this issue, you can develop an intelligent farming system. This system will use advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze data from cameras, sensors, and other resources. This project aims to help farmers increase the yield and quality of crops. To develop this system, you must have a strong knowledge of machine learning.

5. Image Classification using Deep Learning

Image classification uses deep learning to assign labels to images based on what they show. Let’s suppose there are 100 random images. This project will assign labels to all images. If there is an image of a dog, it will assign the label of a dog to it, and if there is an image of a cat, it will assign the label cat to it. Deep Learning models are perfect for recognizing images from extensive data. CNN is used to learn fast and identify images.

6. University Bus Tracking App

This app enables students and staff to track the bus, including where it is and when it will arrive at the university. This app will help monitor buses and save time. People can also use this app to plan a trip and ensure they don’t miss any bus. There are several ways to set up a university bus tracking system, but one popular method is to put GPS devices on the buses and have them send their coordinates to a server. The server then processes the data and shows it on a map. The map and other features can be accessed on users’ devices through an app with an easy-to-use layout.

7. Web Data Mining for Terrorism Analysis

This project uses web mining methods to find and investigate web activities linked to terrorism. Web mining is the process of getting valuable data from web data like web pages, links, text, and use patterns. Web data mining for terrorism analysis can help find possible terrorists, keep an eye on what they do online, follow their contact networks, and stop attacks before they happen. To complete this final-year project, you must have a firm grasp of Python and web scraping.

8. Emergency Ambulance System

Early aid is essential to save a life. An emergency ambulance system quickly gets people who are hurt or sick to the hospital and gets them there by ambulance. It has trained people, vehicles, tools, information networks, and buildings that all work together to help in emergencies and save lives. In this project, you will develop an app following Uber’s structure to reach people quickly.

9. Smart House Controller App

This IoT-based project will help you control your devices and equipment from far away through an app. This includes lights, thermostats, security cameras, locks, appliances, etc. You can manage all these things through a mobile phone, tablet, or voice assistant. To develop this, you should have basic knowledge of Iot and Python.

10. Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Posts

Hate speech is increasing on social media. To stop this, social media platforms need unique algorithms to detect hate speech, stop it, and promote more positive speech. In this final year project, you will create a sentiment analysis system that will categorize a speech into negative, positive, or neutral speech. You can build a sentiment analysis model with NLTK, spaCy, TensorFlow, or PyTorch, among other tools and frameworks. You can use it in many sports, news, politics, or entertainment industries.

Select a project based on your interests and the skills you want to develop. Consider the impact and relevance of the project in the real world.

While prior experience is beneficial, these projects provide an opportunity to learn and apply new technologies. Take on projects that align with your existing skills or those you are eager to acquire.

To ensure uniqueness, delve deep into the chosen topic, explore cutting-edge technologies, and add your creative touch. Consider incorporating features that set your project apart from existing solutions.

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